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Raising The Standard


Shauna D.
Victor, MT


I brought my dog here on a Saturday morning, they did not hesitate to treat him and keep him for the night even though they were 30 minutes from closing. After a frustrating 10 days of trying to find some relief, and visiting both the ER vet and my prior vet, Blue Mountain was able to immediately diagnose and treat my dog. I was billed half the charge of the hour spent at the emergency ER and less than the trip to my previous vet, that resulted in no resolution. The staff and the doctor were amazingly friendly and concerned. The vet called to update me several times. I could not be happier with the care given, and will continue going to BlueMountain for all my regular veterinary care.
R S.
Missoula, MT


I had an emergency with my dog. I called vets all over Missoula and none of them could help. I had never been to Blue Mountain before, but they scheduled me that day, no questions asked. They kept my dog on an IV for 3 days, and he's 110% better!! Dr. Pruyn was kind, personable, respectful (to me and my pooch!), sympathetic, and knew exactly what was going on and how to treat it. I highly, highly recommend Blue Mountain!